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WTF: Life Takes Vista edition

This Life Takes Vista site is either fanboyism to the extreme or some junior associate at Microsoft’s ad firm playing around. Whatever it turns out to be though, it’s safe to say it ain’t from Redmond as the HTML is loaded with Adobe Dreamweaver tags. Props to whoever made it ’cause some of the center […]

Life Takes Vista: is this real?

Reader Lornie sent me a link to what looks like an advertising campaign for Windows Vista that leaves us both scratching our heads.  It’s a very professional web site but the message is, um, strange to say the least.  Don’t miss the proud guy who “takes Levitra” with his Vista.  Take a moment to visit […]

Life Takes Vista?

“a friend emailed this to me. not sure what to make of it….either msft is brilliant or this will go down as the most unoriginal ads…copying visa”

‘Life Takes Vista’ goes dark, for now

Last week we told you the story of Shmuel “Shmuly” Tennenhaus, an online marketer whose unsolicited efforts to improve Microsoft’s Windows Vista advertising received a less-than-enthusiastic response from the company — in the form of a letter asking him to remove the Windows Vista logos from his ad hoc campaign site. Yesterday was the deadline, […]